THE OLD MARCO LODGE...and Crab House


old marco lodge from the water








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The Old Marco Lodge and Crab House 
401 Papaya St Goodland Fl 34140




The Lodge is on Marco Island and is one of Collier County's most picturesque waterfront Seafood restaurants

....with panoramic views of the Marco River and Goodland Bay...




Old Marco Lodge sign Since 1869….

old marco lodge sign since 1869

401 Papaya Street Goodland FL 34140




To see the google map location...

click below on the name:

The Old Marco Lodge and Crab House 
401 Papaya St Goodland Fl 34140








Monday -Sunday 11:30am-CLOSE.. EVERYDAY DURING SEASON... 






The Old Marco Lodge was built in 1869 by W.D. Collier as his family home in Marco Island.


The building was moved to its present location in 1965 and has undergone several perfecting renovations.



The Old Marco Lodge and Crab House

old marco lodge from the water

The Lodge is one of Marco Island's most picturesque waterfront restaurants...

offering panoramic views of the Marco River...

and Goodland Bay..

...from the spacious deck along two sides with glass window views from inside as well.



....You can... COME BY BOAT


At Home at the Old Marco Lodge

The Old Marco Lodge Crab House IS THE OLDEST building in Goodland today.

Of course, it was not this large back then...

... or when it was moved.

There have been many renovations perfecting the use of this great restaurant.


You can see the Lodge at the end of the road as you get near when you drive up to it.

If you live in Goodland, you can come by golf cart, because here golf carts are legal on the roads.

Built in 1869, the historic Lodge was relocated to its new home on January 4, 1965.


Many deck areas have been added as well as a recently new horseshoe bar outside in the covered area.

If you have already been to the new outside bar then you will notice how much bigger it is than before.

Now you can sit around the bar and see the water from either side.

The new already famous "RIFF RAFF BAR"

bartender candy in the new riff raff bar outside

Don't Forget To Say Hi To Candy...

Now you can see Candy also tends bar outside in the new "Riff Raff Bar"


The Barfield sisters, Elva Griffis and Elsie Vogstad gave the Lodge to Alex and Marge Tasetano on condition they move the structure.

old marco lodge from the water

The “ideal” location turned out to be property on Goodland Bay they bought from Rex and Ruby Johnson, then owners of Mar-Good Resort.


Here is a view from the other side of the water in the bay.


As you can see, you can always come to the Lodge by boat.

There is plenty of room at the docks.


Eating Outside On the Water Could Not Be more Fun Than At The Old Marco Lodge. 

There is plenty of room so you can sit with all your friends...

... or have a quiet lunch with a special someone.

having lunch outside on the deck at the old marco lodge

Life on an island will let you have lunch outside like this every single day.... if you want to.


Who said you can't go out for lunch if it rains?

inside dining room

You can even have a late lunch inside at the Lodge after the crowd has thinned out, if it is raining.

When you eat inside by the windows, you can look out at the water.


...Or you can lunch outside under the roof of the new "Riff Raff Bar".

riff raff bar area

There are tables on the other side of the bar that are also under the roof.


Or... you can come and watch the sunset with dinner.

Have you been to the Lodge for a sunset dinner yet?

Dining In the Evening On the Water At The Old Marco Lodge. 

diniong outside on the water in the evening at the old marco lodge

Day or Night, the Food Is Always Right at the Old Marco Lodge and Crab House...

...Since 1869...

...and Always On The Water.


Dancing and Bands in the Daytime On The Water for Lunch, Dinnner and Drinks

Come By Boat for Great Food & Drinks. Lunch On The Water, By the Water

Island Living is To Have Waterfront Dinners and There is Nothing That Compares

There is Plenty of Room at the Inside Bar in the Main Dining Room by the Dance Floor

dancing to the musical groups at the old marco lodge dinner outside on the waterfront at the old marco lodge lunch oiutside at the old marco lodge the inside bar next to the dancefloor at the old marco lodge

You can visit the Old Marco Lodge in the daytime or at night and have the time of your life with music and dancing or just a quiet lunch or dinner when there is no entertainment. Enjoy the breeze from the water at your table or if it is raining there is plenty of room inside where you can still see the views of the water and all the activity of the boats.

Dining at the Old Marco Lodge is quite the experience you will never forget. It is such a pleasant environment to eat outside under an umbrella hidden from the sun, and watching all the activity on the water, feeling the breeze from the ocean in Goodland Bay and from the Marco River. The food is always delicious and the Lodge is known for the grouper it serves, even in the sandwiches.

When you think of being on an island you know you want to be by the water or on the water as much as you can while you are there. The Old Marco Lodge brings you that experience every time you go there to eat. You can have your lunch there even if you are out in a boat on the water. You can simply stop in for lunch by boat. At night when you have taken the boat back and want to go out for the evening, you can come for dinner and stay for the entertainment and dancing.

This is not the only bar at the Old Marco Lodge. You can also sit outside at the newest addition of the horseshoe bar at the already famous "Riff Raff Bar" next to the water and in a covered area so you can stay outside if it rains and not get wet. You have heard about the weather in Florida. If you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes and it will change.

old marco lodge from the water
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